About Us

We create new awesome interactive digital products. Understanding the market & problem, come up with sensible solution, wireframes and interactive prototypes, branding & design, mobile & web development. We make apps that are beautiful and easy to use.

Josef Richter

Team lead EU

Josef is a seasoned Project Manager and senior UX/UI designer. He has been doing mainly iPhone apps projects for over the past 8 years for clients in Silicon Valley, NYC and all over the Western Europe. Having gone through YCombinator, Josef loves making simple, easy to use and great looking apps.

Tom Junker

Art Director

Tom is an experienced UI designer and illustrator and a internationally renowed graffiti artist. He’s been leading design teams on wide variety of projects, small and big. He spent time on projects in Boston and in Canada and worked with many companies all around the world.

Peter Stajger


Peter is a senior iPhone apps developer, while being a great design talent at the same time, which is a very rare combination. That’s why he’s obsessed with pixel-perfect and visually stunning applications. He also spent time honing his craft on several projects in Silicon Valley. He is also a leader and an organizer of his homecountry’s iOS community.

Stefan Luptak

Lead developer

Stefan is a developer with almost 2 decades of experience in numerous technologies, focusing on mobile apps in the last couple of years. He has been working on huge projects with over 200 millions of users. At the same time, given his vast experience, he’s able to move fast and be very efficient on smaller scale projects. He also gives back to community by teaching iOS development.

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