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You need an app?

You have a great idea and need a great team to turn it into reality. You know a visionary who can’t turn ideas into tangible results is just a dreamer – and there’s no prize for dreamers…

At we make things happen efficiently, without breaking the bank. We’ve been working with companies in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, London, Paris, Berlin and all around the world and we have decades of combined experience – we know what we’re doing.


Traveller’s best friend to book services anywhere in the world.

Problem solved

20 different apps for cabs, restaurant reservations, tickets, food delivery? Different ones in each country? Now you need just Bellhop app.

What we do

At we believe in Predictability & Efficiency. With very low overhead and a distributed team, we are able to stay competitive, build incredible solutions, and keep our clients connected every step of the way.


You need someone who’s done this before, right? We’ve been doing this since the app revolution started. Literally hundreds of apps went through our hands, and we’ve tested and studied thousands of others. There’s a good chance what works and what doesn’t, what’s unique and what isn’t, what users like and dislike and how common problems are solved. We will help you polish your idea, give you inputs for your business plan, help you fine-tune that pitch deck.

User Experience Design

These are all the workflows of your app. You want to have intuitive. You want your users to actually use the app, rather than trying to figure out how it works. We believe if app needs a tutorial, it’s not designed well. We will make sure the UX design will be “invisible” and won’t stand in the way of your core idea.


This can save you a lot of money and headaches. So many times people spend huge resources to create an app, only to find out too late, that the workflow, as they envisioned it, doesn’t work, that the users don’t understand it, that people use the app in unexpected ways. We believe in clickable prototypes from the very start of the project. The app can be successful only if you collect feedback from users, investors, developers and others from very early on. You don’t want to just close your eyes and jump, do you?

User Interface Design

Now that we established that it can work, based on the previous steps, it better looks gorgeous, right? You want your users to stick around, you want them to show their friends, you want it to appear in news articles and have a chance to become “app of the day/month/year”, correct? Great visual design greatly improves your chances. We make simple slick interfaces. Less is more and the devil is in the details.

Application Development

Coding is hard. Making great code is even harder. Great code is one that works as expected, works reliably, doesn’t crash, the whole app runs fast and smoothly. This requires a lot of experience, plenty of critical technological decisions, lots of under-the-hood tweaks and fine-tuning. There’s a saying “if you think developers are expensive, wait until you hire a cheap one…”.

Post Build Support

Submitting the app to AppStore and/or Play Store is not the end, it’s the beginning. Finally you will have some real world data to act upon. Everything works fine? Great, let’s add that new set of features that will move the app to the next level. Something doesn’t work that great? Adapt quickly and release.

Growth Hacking

Still, with hundreds of thousands of applications in both app stores, how do you stand out? This is not a “build it and they will come” world anymore. We can help you get the word out about your applications. We have the background and experience to ensure your solution is separated from the noise.

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